The Benefits of Adding Acupuncture to Stroke Recovery

An Overview of Scalp Acupuncture

When it comes to treatment of stroke and traumatic brain injury, a different approach combining oriental medicine and western medicine is used. This new approach led to a relatively new type of acupuncture called Chinese Scalp acupuncture. This contemporary technique integrates the use of acupuncture techniques with the medical knowledge of neurology.

Dr. Zhu traces the origizhus-scalp-acupuncturens of modern scalp acupuncture to the work of Huang Xuelong, who in 1935 introduced the concept that there is a relationship between the scalp and the cerebral cortex. Scalp acupuncture really got its start in the 1950s with the mapping correlating areas of the brain on the scalp. This took nearly 20 years. During the 1970’s, scalp acupuncture was developed as a more complete acupuncture system.  Three major contributors to the development of this system, Jiao Shunfa, Fang Yunpeng, and Tang Songyan each proposed different diagrams and groupings of scalp acupuncture points. In 1977 Scalp acupuncture was formally recognized in a national acupuncture text book Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Today, Scalp acupuncture is not a single system, but a multiplicity of systems still in development both by the Chinese (Zhu) & the Japanese (YNSA), with a 30+ year history of practical experience. Continue reading “The Benefits of Adding Acupuncture to Stroke Recovery”