What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat: Cold and Flu Season

I’m often asked “what should I eat?” Usually people are asking about how to lose weight or how to “detox.”  No one ever asks me how to use food as medicine. So since it’s cold and flu season i thought I’d share ways to use your kitchen as a pharmacy.

Bone broth is a staple food in my house. Bone broth is well know for its many health benefits. Quart size bags are always stored in my freezer ready to be used for added flavor in any dish in place of water or bullion. During cold and flu season bone broth is the main ingredient in  kill the ick soup. Other ingredients can include things like atragulus, ginger, Chinese dates, ganggala, kefir leaves, basil, mint, peppers, lime, nettles, dandelion, and or a pinch of salt. (Yes that’s what is in the pot. And it was delicious!)

When food is your medicine

Every ingredient has antimicrobial or immune boosting properties that have a synergistic effect when steeped together in a soup or decotion. This can be drunk purely as a tea or the herbs can be strained out and the broth can be used for soup by adding veggies, protein of your choice, and a healthy starch like barley or Japanese pumpkin. So there is no need to take supplements like vit c, zinc, or magnesium because you will be drinking and eating them throughout the day. Most real seasoning herbs have a medicinal

Soup made with bone broth, herbs, barely, kale, shitake mushrooms, and red salmon

We live in a society that has been conditioned to take something when we have an ailment. So I’m prescribing that we learn how to take some time, take some slow cooked “penicillin” in a pot, and call your local acupuncturist. Your local acupuncturist can help boost your immune system, fight seasonal colds and flus, and help keep your energy up through the coming busy winter season.

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