What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat? Real Food!

This is kinda the first in a series of blogs I’ve enjoyed writing called “What should I Eat?” I find it disturbing how many people can’t answer that question. In these pages, you will find some of my kitchen magic. So check back periodically to see what’s in the “What should I eat?” files.

Now to answer the question: What should I eat?

Food. Real food. Lots of it. There’s an old saying let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. This is what a typical full market run looks like in my house.  No that’s not all of it.  There is eggs, almond milk, meat, and other odds and ends that are already in the fridge. (I ran out of counter space. 😆) If you look carefully you don’t see a bunch of packages.

What I can fit on the counter after grocery shopping.

If you can’t identify most of the veggies or have no idea how to eat any of it, it might be time to get a helping hand with your diet. A good portion of what goes wrong with the body is due to poor food choices. As it turns out, alot of what goes wrong with the body can be fixed or atleast helped by improving nutrition. In this picture there are; 5 seasoning herbs, 3 types of greens, 2 gourds, 3 grains, 2 root veggies, 1 legume, and 8 different fruit (a few ment to be cooked as starches.) How many things can you identify?

I’m not into policing real food. I don’t subscribe to “isms” like; vegetarian, raw, paleo, bullets and juicing. I practice Oriental medicine. Seems like there is nothing that isn’t used in this medicine.  Let me assure you that once you have seen the number of things that have medicinal value in the Chinese Materia Medica (turtles, cicadas, pearls, and even flying squirrel poop just to name a few) you get over the “ONLY eat this way” mentality.

Ok so that’s what I eat. Here are my few good rules of thumb when shopping.

1. Do most of your shopping in local farmers markets and cultural stores. You will get a wide variety of fruits, veggies, herbs, whole grains, and fresh meat with reasonably priced organic and halal foods.

2. Try to eat organic or at least the dirty dozen.

3. If you can’t pronounce it or have no idea what that alphabet soup says on the label don’t eat it.

4. If your grandmother wouldn’t know what it is don’t eat it.

5. Refined foods are evil.  Just say no.

6. Try one new thing every time you go. Buy it. Cook it. And eat it. Write down the name of it and look up recipes.

7. Instead of taking a supplement look up a list of foods that contain that supplement or nutrient. Like iron, vitamin e, magnesium, omega 3-6-9, and even quercetin can be found in food.

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