The “I’m OK people”

This is for all my:

“I’m ok,”

“I’m fine,”

“I’m alright”

“Nothing’s wrong”

people. I know that you can whip up a smile so perfect Barbie would be jealous, igloos tremble at your coolness, and Atlas never had shoulders like yours,

You should know that I see you. I see the real you when you think no is looking and the mask has slipped. I know that secretly inside your nerves are frayed , your heart is broken, and your one more thing away from a vacation in a padded cell or a cell with steel bars. We live in an age where people just expect you to suck it up.

I do not believe in sucking it up. As an acupuncturist I have seen first hand how stress can slowly erode away at persons well being. Anxiety robs the body of its vigor. Depression is basically water boarding for the mind and spirit. So stop trying to conquer these hurdles alone.

I wish I could help your personal struggles with a needle but I can’t. What I can help is how you respond to them. I can help with the anger, the racing heart, the mind that won’t shut up, the tears that never dry up, the sleepless nights, the body aches, being so tired you have to have a power nap to get out of the car at the end of the day, the stomach that threatens to betray you at every turn, the lack of focus, being generally irritable and unhappy. YES there are acupuncture points for ALLLL of that and more!  There is also entire well defined diagnoses in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for all of your psycho, emotional spiritual, concerns.

You are not crazy. You are not alone. You don’t have to be the one to get it together. Acupuncture can help one pin at a time. So call your local acupuncturist today and schedule an appointment.

Points of interest:

My favorite point combo for the “I’m ok people” I like to call the chill out trinty.

Du 20

Yin tang

Ren 17



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