What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat? Breakfast

Purple yams with coconut cream, eggs with; kale, chives, and fresh dill.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a foodie. I love, love, LOVE to eat good food. I’m also a firm believer in letting your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. People spend a lot of time on random things, but food isn’t on the list anymore. As a single mom, a business owner, and a homeschooling parent time is in short supply around my house: I still cook my son breakfast every single day.

Not a pouch of instant oatmeal either. The problem is Americans think there are some kind of rules for breakfast. Says who? The breakfast police? The only rule is eat some! It doesn’t have to be fruit, or a smoothie, or oatmeal. For every rule you can come up with, I can show you a cultural norm from around the world that disproves it.

Eggs are easy to turn into a quick meal! You can add any veggie, any starch, any fresh herb and wa-lah! You got a meal. Same goes for fish.

Japanese pumpkin, fish sauteed with rainbow chard fresh dill and garlic

Fish fillets saute easily with greens or veggies. This mix goes well with any starch like rice, dumplings, boiled green bananas, potatoes, or tortillas.

Warm slow cooked foods are another great breakfast option. Most Americans are familar with cream of wheat, grits, and oatmeal. But there are many other kinds of porridge that are easy to cook in a crock pot or slow simmer early in the morning. Home cooked congee, gruel, warm cereals, and porridge usually contain a hefty dose iron, trace minerals, fiber, and micronutrients. They can be made from any starch including peanuts, yams and beans.  A quick google search will yield a lot of recipes

Porridge with; huang qi, gou qi zi, stevia, da zao, sheng jiang, and pumpkin seeds. Or in English astragalus, ginger, Chinese dates, goji berries, stevia, and pumpkin seeds

The trick to most meals especially quick ones like porridge is to toss in a couple of healthily add ins. Fresh herbs, spices, nuts and seeds, good fats, veggies, and dried fruit are some awesome examples of add ins that can greatly enhance the nutritional density of your food. In Oriental Medicine most of these things will also have a medicinal benefits.

My last word on breakfast is the saying we learned school “Eat like a king in the morning, a prince in the afternoon, and a pauper in the evening.” I’ll talk more about that in another blog. 😆

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