Eat Some Food

How are your mornings? I’ve talked a lot about different ways to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. I’ve not yet mentioned that you do actually have to feed your body. I mean real food every morning. I do not mean coffee and toast, bullets, smoothies, sugary bars, and or yogurt.


We live in a bio-mechanical electrical machine and it needs regular fueling. Many people skip out on this very important ritual in the morning. So give yourself the gift of an awesome breakfast. If you don’t know what to make check out one of my earlier entitled blogs, What should I eat? Breakfast. Take the time to put some high octane fuel in the tank as a part of your perfect mornings. #getpoked


Bells, Bowls, and Gongs.

I love the energy and clarity I get after a perfect morning. If you don’t know, I am super busy mother of a 6 year old that I homeschool, a new teething puppy that I’m potty training, and a business owner where I manage other people’s health and lives. Something goes wrong, gets lost, gets forgotten, and I’m always struggling to get everywhere on time: In short, my mornings are the definition of utter chaos. So this not a blog about just smile be happy and it will be alright. This is about finding a few minutes to give YOU a little love and nourishment before you swing at life’s many curve balls.

There are many ways to build up your Qi and reduce stress. Today’s topic is sound therapy. This is not quite the same as put on your favorite jams and shake your tailfeathers like you’re named Tina T. (Yes I’m old back off lol, and that post is coming) This is about the meditation and healing that can be achieved with resonance from bells, bowls, gongs, and other instruments. This is not a bunch of new age JuJu either. Here is a great indepth article. Sound is used for in hospitals before surgery, as a treatment for people in the autism spectrum,  and yes even in acupuncture and oriental medicine and more. I am trained in Acutonics, the use of tuning forks on acupuncture points and it is amazing.

Why sound? Ever heard the saying music soothes the savage beast? Continue reading “Bells, Bowls, and Gongs.”


Moving Meditation

How are your mornings? A pefect morning should include steps to take care of body and the mind.  A great way to do this is with moving meditation. I’m one of those people who really like the benefits of meditation but the sitting can be more of a distraction. I’m allllllll about whatever works.


What is moving meditation? Slow rhythmic physical movements and deep breathing. This of course has all the benefits of regular meditation including;


  • increased focus and calm,
  • reduction of stress and anxiety,
  • helps blood pressure and insomnia.

Moving meditation can have a profound effect on the body as well as the mind including decreased inflammation and pain. Moving meditation can also lead to increased;yoga

  • flexibility, balance, and agility
  • energy and stamina
  • cardiovascular capacity
  • muscle strength
  • joint health

So what are some examples of moving meditation? Yoga, tai qi (chi), qi gong, breath walking, certain types of dance… honestly you can make a moving meditation out of almost any can of activity you want. It only has to be rhythmic and breath centered. Breath centered means that you are focused on taking slow deep inhalations and exhalations. So give it a try in the morning. #getpoked


Standing Meditation 

Perfect mornings should have a relaxing and nurturing component. It’s hard on the body to wake up and rush off to life’s many demands and not give it daily TLC. An unusual way of doing this is standing meditation.

Standing still in a relaxed pose and breathing deeply is great for:

  • Increasing your energy
  • It can reduce low back pain
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improves core strength and tone
  • Improves balance
  • Increases bone density
  • Improves sleep quality,
  • Helps with body alignment
  • Tones the pelvic floor
  • Improves the mind-body connection

There are many different ways of doing this. My favorite is called horse stance. Now, if you really want a detailed description you can find many online like here and here. It’s always best to have someone show you that way you know where you might not be doing it correctly. Ultimately, I think with practice most people get it right one way or the other. Here is a quick description. Continue reading “Standing Meditation “



Tea is awesome in the morning. White, green, black, red, puh-er, flower, herbal, heck hot lemon and water; doesn’t matter what kind of tea you like. Yes different teas have different qualities. Just pick one that you like and preferably without too much sugar. Tea is associated with China because the leaves used from Camellia sinensis is an evergreen shrub native to Asia. fresh tea.jpg

What you may not know is tea is the original prescription in Oriental Medicine. Tea or “tang” means decoction. Different herbs were gathered together in a recipe and tossed in according to their properties. There is a chemistry that happens when you allow things to steep in hot water. This chemistry was the basis of Chinese herbal formulas. This is why a Chinese herbalist has to control an eye roll when we are asked what herb is best for….

So in your search for perfect mornings have some tea. Doesn’t matter what kind. Luckilyy for you, tea has a ton of health benefits. Studies have found that some teas may help with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol, helps digestion, bring about mental alertness, and it has antimicrobial qualities. My favorite tea I make at home I call Juju. (cause its a little bit of magic in a cup). It’s made with fresh not dried ingredients. YES fresh ingredients, it makes a huge difference in flavor and medicinal property. In a stock pot (spaghetti pot) bring fresh water to a low boil toss in: Continue reading “Tea”

Perfect Mornings

Talk to Old Friends

Let’s keep it short for this Monday morning. If you have to get up early try to make it pleasant by reaching out to old friends and family members. In this digital age humans are spending less and less time actually engaged with another human being. This can lead to issues with depression and anxiety.

Whether or not we like to admit it, humans are social creatures and we need human contact. Social media is separating us from the live energy transfer that happens when we connect with a living human instead of our digital device. Yeah energy transfer. Plants do it and so do humans. So this morning call and old friend or loved one. See if you can have coffee or lunch. Get reconnected and enjoy your morning.

Perfect Mornings

Make a List

The morning is a great time to use the old grey matter. The brain actually works a little better in the mornings. This is a great time to improve your day by making a list while the mind is at optimal performance. Lists are a great way to organize your day. They have the added bonus to allow you to see what you have accomplished.


I used to be so annoyed at making list. But as I’ve gotten older its becoming my best friend. I simply have to much to do. Without my lists I feel overwhelmed and non-productive. I can’t figure out what I did with my day. Or I’ll get home and realize I forgot to do something work a deadline.


Having a set list helps you to be more productive, focused, and less stressed. The less time you spend spinning your wheels in the morning the better. The very act of writing helps you to think about ways if tackling each entry. The list can be anything. My list today is a self care checklist; drop off paper work, high tail it to an acupuncture treatment, my favorite eyebrow place is near by, I have a massage scheduled, and then a tea meeting. What’s on your list?

Perfect Mornings

Get Creative

How are your mornings? How do you charge up your batteries? Most of us just jump right into our day without taking time out for ourselves. On long mornings I like to get creative. There is something about the satisfaction of saying “I made this.” Especially years down the road, when you still have a functional piece.colouredhands

Arts and crafts are a wonderful distraction from some of the worries in life. Whether you’re making pottery or jewelry, coloring, crocheting, sewing, painting, knitting, woodworking, beading, candle making, body products, or any of the many other forms of arts & crafts, it’s possible to gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The methodical process of making most things is:


  • meditative
  • empowering
  • improves mental agility
  • makes you a better student
  • improves depression
  • alleviates stress
  • improves hand-eye coordination

This is why “adult” coloring books are all the rage. So the next time you have a long morning or facing a long day add a little creativity to the mix. You are the most important factor of every day. Remember to be nourishing to yourself. #getpoked.

Perfect Mornings

Get Enough Sleep

Nothing can replace enough sleep. After all, how can you have a perfect morning if you are waking up exhausted? Most of my clients simply don’t get sleep. I’m not talking about strictly the insomnia patients. We live in an on the go, constantly overstimulated, high stress, rather polluted, and very demanding society. We work all day, are constantly bombarded by the demands of our electronic devices. We spend hours in traffic, or hours in front of the internet/cell phone/video games…. and with all this on the go, the typical American is only getting about 6.8 hours of sleep. Furthermore, 1 in 3 Americans isn’t getting that much sleep. The problem is that there are a variety of health problems associated with being tired: Continue reading “Get Enough Sleep”