Perfect Mornings

Perfect Mornings 

What’s a perfect morning for you?  Do you know? I don’t mean all the things you wish wouldn’t happen. What are the things you wish would happen? For me it’s:

  • Sleeping in
  • Tea
  • Stone meditation
  • Walking meditation
  • Calisthenics
  • Time to cuddle with my family
  • Breakfast
  • Acupuncture

Why is it important? How you start your day greatly impacts your mood and well being. Starting off each day hungry, tired, angry, rushed, and feeling generally out of sorts is no way to live. This leads to feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, burned out, anxious, and will eventually rob you of your health and vitality. Especially if you factor in that most people have draining jobs and home lives.manage-your-energy-min

You can’t have a perfect morning every morning. But you can cultivate good habits that in time turn into ways to recharge your batteries. Trying to leave recharging to just the weekends is folly. If you think about the amount of daily maintenance you require (food, shower, oral hygiene, exercise, personal grooming) pushed to only one day a week… you get the idea.

In 2017, as you think over your resolutions to be a new and better you, I have a challenge. I challenge you to think of new and better ways to be kind to your self and give yourself daily care. Find ways to recharge your batteries daily so that you can accomplish your goals. It doesn’t matter if the morning or self-care is perfect. Only that you try to do something every day. Give yourself the gift of regular bodywork, acupuncture, and perfect mornings instead of fad diets, new pills, or potions. #getpoked.

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