Perfect Mornings

Get Your Move On

How goes your gradual shift into perfect mornings? And let me be clear. I know they are not usually perfect. But with practice, patience, and perseverance you can cultivate mornings that are more nourishing and peaceful. Mornings that help you get moving through your day instead of making you wish for a do-over. Moving is a great way to give your temple a little love. Now yes, I’m a gym bunny. I’ve been powerlifting since I was 16 years old. But that’s not what I mean. Any movement that you love will do. I had a colleague who literally learned to fly on the trapeze. I still admire her, but as I’m afraid of heights I’m never going to bother to learn lol.

Pick something you want to do.  Not something that’s supposed to be “good” for you.  Hula hoop, walk, swim, belly dance, tao qi, yoga, a 30-day challenge, ribbon dancing, burlesque, pole dancing, old gym stretches, horseback riding, racketball, katas, forms, dance, golf, kayaking, etc etc …it doesn’t matter.  Just pick something that sounds fun and exciting. And you know what? If you hate it in a week, pick something else. Because this is not about exercise.

This is about being happy to move your body. This is about the euphoria you feel after a good body moving session. This is about the act of moving your body, in a way that just makes you happy, a part of your day. Perfect because you took the time to love you before taking on the rest of the world. In this world of movers and shakers get your move on and then go shake up the world. #getpoked

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