Cold and Tired? Then Moxa is Hot

How are your mornings these days? If you find that you are dragging, cold, or really fatigued you’re not alone. Winter mornings, in particular, can be rough. Yup even for me. So this morning requires a little moxa. Click here to read more in-depth about this cool treatment principle.

DISCLAIMER: Moxa is a safe, gentle, effective treatment for many ailments. BUT, you need to speak with your local acupuncturist first to make sure moxa is right for you. If so, then your acupuncturist will decide what kind, frequency, and which points.

Different types of Moxa

Moxa is great to do with your morning tea or coffee. Any amount of time you have sitting will do. There are many different types of moxa. My favorite method is a prerolled stick on that is smokeless. I frequently prescribe moxa to patients to do in between treatments. It’s great for:

  • energy
  • warming you up
  • OBGYN issues
  • aches and pains
  • feeling cold
  • digestive problems
  • weight management
  • It even works to flip breech babies, and more! (I’m not kidding)


My moxa morning, activating Spleen 3

This a journey of self-care. There are so many different ways to take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine is a complete system of care that is tailored to your condition. Find out if this one is for you. Tailor your perfect mornings in any way that works for you so that you can stay vibrant, healthy, and strong. Call your local acupuncturist today and schedule an appointment. #getpoked


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