Perfect Mornings

Make a List

The morning is a great time to use the old grey matter. The brain actually works a little better in the mornings. This is a great time to improve your day by making a list while the mind is at optimal performance. Lists are a great way to organize your day. They have the added bonus to allow you to see what you have accomplished.


I used to be so annoyed at making list. But as I’ve gotten older its becoming my best friend. I simply have to much to do. Without my lists I feel overwhelmed and non-productive. I can’t figure out what I did with my day. Or I’ll get home and realize I forgot to do something work a deadline.


Having a set list helps you to be more productive, focused, and less stressed. The less time you spend spinning your wheels in the morning the better. The very act of writing helps you to think about ways if tackling each entry. The list can be anything. My list today is a self care checklist; drop off paper work, high tail it to an acupuncture treatment, my favorite eyebrow place is near by, I have a massage scheduled, and then a tea meeting. What’s on your list?

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