What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat? Bone Broth Part 1

Ok, so I have finally written another “what should I eat?” blog. I know this one is overdue. If you have read the others, you know how much I love love love good food.

Bone broth for breakfast!, Eggs, noodles, veggies, and yes bone broth.

This post is about one of my most favorite things… bone broth. And this is the time of year for it. So, as you are going through your list of spring detoxes consider adding some bone broth to the menu of your self-care. One of the biggest differences between Oriental medicine and Conventional “diet therapy” is a strong belief that your food should be cooked. Slow cooked foods are seen as more nourishing versus raw food, juices, smoothies, and nutrients in pills. Bone broth is at the top of the charts. Bone broth is not a perfect food and is not suitable for some; I will go into greater detail in part 2.

So what is Bone Broth? Well, it’s medicine. Tang in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) means soup. It’s also the word used for herbal prescription/decoction/ tea or broth. So bone broth is a decoction of bones, cartilage, marrow, minerals, and meat. Sounds gross till you realize what’s in the water is a bunch of stuff people pay a lot of money for. Also, it makes your food taste really amazing! What this process is doing, with herbs, veggies, and most importantly bones, is removing the active chemical ingredients into the water by means of heat, time, and acid, making the nutrients immediately available to absorb. Furthermore, if you’re looking to get rid of salt and MSG but not the flavor, bone broth is your friend! Continue reading “What Should I Eat? Bone Broth Part 1”