Doctoral Statement

I sat and did some heavy meditating before I decided to go through with starting school up again. I’m holding a cactus stone made out of amethyst, hematite, and quartz.

Sooooo… I’m taking the plunge and I am now officially signed up to start a doctoral program in the fall. I have absolutely no idea when I plan on having the time to do this. Mobile business, single mom, homeschooling, puppy, and somewhere in there is supposed to be a social life (don’t look too hard). Logistical planning aside, I know some really awesome things are going to come out of this besides another degree and more alphabet soup behind my name. For example, I had to write an essay about my practice as a part of my admissions package. Aaaaand I’m feeling pretty proud of it. Considering this is coming on the heels of my one year anniversary, it was nice to sit down and put the scope of my practice on paper. Heck, it might even help me get around to writing a business plan. Yup still don’t have one lol. I’ll get to it… (it’s not really on my to do list lol).

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