Waist Beads.

wp-image-1859406143Zomg (Yes I said it) My new favorite things in the whole wide world is WAIST BEADS! And I’m in love with the ones I’m making. Yes you can buy them on my facebook page HERE

Soooo what are waist beads? Adornment for your womb. Or in plain English a necklace for your waist. What’s the history behind them? Do they mean anything? What are they for? Read on below.

Waist beads are a beautiful African Tradition that dates back to around 500 BCE. They are said to have many meanings and historical use. For example it was believed that waist beads were used to; hold a menstrual cloth, distinguish between males and females at a distance, help “shape” and maintain an hour glass figure, and even to demurely initiate or express desire for intimacy. There are even traditions where a future husband is expected to commission a full set of beads (ears, neck, wrist, waist, ankles) for his future bride.

Beads have a long and rich history in Africa dating back 75,000 years. The first beads were made from bone, egg shells, clay, stones, and plants Beads were a type of currency and often passed down as heirlooms.

So entering center stage is my little spin on waist beads Soul Ties. I’m really into stones. I had to have all semi-precious stones in my waist beads. All stones. And it had to be…reflective of my flamboyant personality. 🤗 I wanted something I really could leave as an heirloom. I mean if your going to decorate your womb it should definitely have a wow factor and an opportunity for bragging rights.

These are not “traditional” African waist beads. Traditional beads are usually made out of glass, ceramic, or plastic and cotton string. Your new strand of womb accentuation are fine jewelry adornments made of semi-precious stones, crystals, and metal flourishes, on steal coated nylon. Just like gold diamonds and pearls a little care will keep your adornments in excellent condition for years.

Waist Adornments.

  1. Just like real diamonds and pearls avoid getting your strands wet, bathing with them, or getting in chlorinated water. No, once isn’t going to hurt them, but repeated exposure dulls the metal, and weakens the chord.
  2. Excessive exposure to oils or lotions can dull the metal.
  3. Be careful when moving your clothing around. The wire has a 26 lb pull strength. But if you accidentally snatch at your strand with too much force it will pop. String popping is a reality! Even with the best of care. It is said that a pop strand has a spiritual significance. It usually means you have been protected from something or a warning.
  4. Allow your strands to periodically rest. As in take them off when you sleep or will be doing strenuous activity like working out. Adult time not included 😀
  5. The beads will shift so you will begin to feel a little movement between beads.
  6. Your adornments will need to be restrung periodically. This will allow to keep a strong wire less likely to pop from general wear.
  7. Your strands should not ever really need to be cleaned. They can be wiped down with a warm damp cloth. Or sudsy towel if need be. Allow to dry thoroughly. Strands can also be energetically charged in the sun or moon light, with prayer, and meditation.
  8. For weight loss/ body shaping strands should be measured at or just above the navel. As you lose weight the beads will drop to your hips. If you begin to gain weight, they will feel constricted and begin to roll higher up the belly to a place they can rest comfortably. Remember the idea is to not lose a strand so push back from extra calories, drink extra water, and get in extra movement.

Ok last but not least. If you like to know some of the “meanings” behind colors or stones here are some online resources. Yes there are lots of online sources to use,feel free to suggest some if you know of better ones. Also there are some links to other cool pages about waist beads. In the meantime read more from my personal muse Yetunde the Nigerian Beauty

Waist Beads




Crystal/ Stone Meanings



http://www.charmsoflight.com/healing/gemstone-properties.html (scroll down you can pick your stone towards the bottom)

Color Meanings





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