Review of Findings: The Use of Acupuncture for Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and Post Racial Battle Fatigue

Current research.

My current area of interest is the use of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to treat the racial health disparities suffered by African Americans in the United States. Specifically, the effects of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) and Post Racial Battle Fatigue (RBF). Both are caused by the prevalence of Systemic White Racism (SWR) found in the United States against People of Color (POC).

PTSS defined by Dr. DeGruy outlines the historical and epigenetic effects of several hundred years of chattel slavery and systemic disenfranchisement of African Americans. While the effects are many the three main characteristics: Vacant Esteem, Marked Propensity for Anger and Violence, and Racist Socialization. Her work explains the source for many of the negative emotional scars and behaviors common in the African American community.

RBF is the term coined by WA Smith. It describes the huge negative emotional impact for African Americans, and other people of color (POC), who have to live voiceless in a world that purposely treats them as less than their white counterparts. Never having the capacity to feel safe, respected, or equal in hostile white dominant environments have a deleterious effect on the body and the mind. His work was revolutionary just for calling attention to the obvious. That being stuck in constant racist environments, with no ability to defend oneself, for school or work has a negative impact on the physical and mental health of African Americans. Continue reading “Review of Findings: The Use of Acupuncture for Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and Post Racial Battle Fatigue”


Doctoral Statement

I sat and did some heavy meditating before I decided to go through with starting school up again. I’m holding a cactus stone made out of amethyst, hematite, and quartz.

Sooooo… I’m taking the plunge and I am now officially signed up to start a doctoral program in the fall. I have absolutely no idea when I plan on having the time to do this. Mobile business, single mom, homeschooling, puppy, and somewhere in there is supposed to be a social life (don’t look too hard). Logistical planning aside, I know some really awesome things are going to come out of this besides another degree and more alphabet soup behind my name. For example, I had to write an essay about my practice as a part of my admissions package. Aaaaand I’m feeling pretty proud of it. Considering this is coming on the heels of my one year anniversary, it was nice to sit down and put the scope of my practice on paper. Heck, it might even help me get around to writing a business plan. Yup still don’t have one lol. I’ll get to it… (it’s not really on my to do list lol).

Anyway, this is what I wrote: Continue reading “Doctoral Statement”

What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat? Bone Broth Part 1

Ok, so I have finally written another “what should I eat?” blog. I know this one is overdue. If you have read the others, you know how much I love love love good food.

Bone broth for breakfast!, Eggs, noodles, veggies, and yes bone broth.

This post is about one of my most favorite things… bone broth. And this is the time of year for it. So, as you are going through your list of spring detoxes consider adding some bone broth to the menu of your self-care. One of the biggest differences between Oriental medicine and Conventional “diet therapy” is a strong belief that your food should be cooked. Slow cooked foods are seen as more nourishing versus raw food, juices, smoothies, and nutrients in pills. Bone broth is at the top of the charts. Bone broth is not a perfect food and is not suitable for some; I will go into greater detail in part 2.

So what is Bone Broth? Well, it’s medicine. Tang in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) means soup. It’s also the word used for herbal prescription/decoction/ tea or broth. So bone broth is a decoction of bones, cartilage, marrow, minerals, and meat. Sounds gross till you realize what’s in the water is a bunch of stuff people pay a lot of money for. Also, it makes your food taste really amazing! What this process is doing, with herbs, veggies, and most importantly bones, is removing the active chemical ingredients into the water by means of heat, time, and acid, making the nutrients immediately available to absorb. Furthermore, if you’re looking to get rid of salt and MSG but not the flavor, bone broth is your friend! Continue reading “What Should I Eat? Bone Broth Part 1”


Eat Some Food

How are your mornings? I’ve talked a lot about different ways to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. I’ve not yet mentioned that you do actually have to feed your body. I mean real food every morning. I do not mean coffee and toast, bullets, smoothies, sugary bars, and or yogurt.


We live in a bio-mechanical electrical machine and it needs regular fueling. Many people skip out on this very important ritual in the morning. So give yourself the gift of an awesome breakfast. If you don’t know what to make check out one of my earlier entitled blogs, What should I eat? Breakfast. Take the time to put some high octane fuel in the tank as a part of your perfect mornings. #getpoked


Bells, Bowls, and Gongs.

I love the energy and clarity I get after a perfect morning. If you don’t know, I am super busy mother of a 6 year old that I homeschool, a new teething puppy that I’m potty training, and a business owner where I manage other people’s health and lives. Something goes wrong, gets lost, gets forgotten, and I’m always struggling to get everywhere on time: In short, my mornings are the definition of utter chaos. So this not a blog about just smile be happy and it will be alright. This is about finding a few minutes to give YOU a little love and nourishment before you swing at life’s many curve balls.

There are many ways to build up your Qi and reduce stress. Today’s topic is sound therapy. This is not quite the same as put on your favorite jams and shake your tailfeathers like you’re named Tina T. (Yes I’m old back off lol, and that post is coming) This is about the meditation and healing that can be achieved with resonance from bells, bowls, gongs, and other instruments. This is not a bunch of new age JuJu either. Here is a great indepth article. Sound is used for in hospitals before surgery, as a treatment for people in the autism spectrum,  and yes even in acupuncture and oriental medicine and more. I am trained in Acutonics, the use of tuning forks on acupuncture points and it is amazing.

Why sound? Ever heard the saying music soothes the savage beast? Continue reading “Bells, Bowls, and Gongs.”


Moving Meditation

How are your mornings? A pefect morning should include steps to take care of body and the mind.  A great way to do this is with moving meditation. I’m one of those people who really like the benefits of meditation but the sitting can be more of a distraction. I’m allllllll about whatever works.


What is moving meditation? Slow rhythmic physical movements and deep breathing. This of course has all the benefits of regular meditation including;


  • increased focus and calm,
  • reduction of stress and anxiety,
  • helps blood pressure and insomnia.

Moving meditation can have a profound effect on the body as well as the mind including decreased inflammation and pain. Moving meditation can also lead to increased;yoga

  • flexibility, balance, and agility
  • energy and stamina
  • cardiovascular capacity
  • muscle strength
  • joint health

So what are some examples of moving meditation? Yoga, tai qi (chi), qi gong, breath walking, certain types of dance… honestly you can make a moving meditation out of almost any can of activity you want. It only has to be rhythmic and breath centered. Breath centered means that you are focused on taking slow deep inhalations and exhalations. So give it a try in the morning. #getpoked


Standing Meditation 

Perfect mornings should have a relaxing and nurturing component. It’s hard on the body to wake up and rush off to life’s many demands and not give it daily TLC. An unusual way of doing this is standing meditation.

Standing still in a relaxed pose and breathing deeply is great for:

  • Increasing your energy
  • It can reduce low back pain
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improves core strength and tone
  • Improves balance
  • Increases bone density
  • Improves sleep quality,
  • Helps with body alignment
  • Tones the pelvic floor
  • Improves the mind-body connection

There are many different ways of doing this. My favorite is called horse stance. Now, if you really want a detailed description you can find many online like here and here. It’s always best to have someone show you that way you know where you might not be doing it correctly. Ultimately, I think with practice most people get it right one way or the other. Here is a quick description. Continue reading “Standing Meditation “



Tea is awesome in the morning. White, green, black, red, puh-er, flower, herbal, heck hot lemon and water; doesn’t matter what kind of tea you like. Yes different teas have different qualities. Just pick one that you like and preferably without too much sugar. Tea is associated with China because the leaves used from Camellia sinensis is an evergreen shrub native to Asia. fresh tea.jpg

What you may not know is tea is the original prescription in Oriental Medicine. Tea or “tang” means decoction. Different herbs were gathered together in a recipe and tossed in according to their properties. There is a chemistry that happens when you allow things to steep in hot water. This chemistry was the basis of Chinese herbal formulas. This is why a Chinese herbalist has to control an eye roll when we are asked what herb is best for….

So in your search for perfect mornings have some tea. Doesn’t matter what kind. Luckilyy for you, tea has a ton of health benefits. Studies have found that some teas may help with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol, helps digestion, bring about mental alertness, and it has antimicrobial qualities. My favorite tea I make at home I call Juju. (cause its a little bit of magic in a cup). It’s made with fresh not dried ingredients. YES fresh ingredients, it makes a huge difference in flavor and medicinal property. In a stock pot (spaghetti pot) bring fresh water to a low boil toss in: Continue reading “Tea”