Perfect Mornings

Get Your Move On

How goes your gradual shift into perfect mornings? And let me be clear. I know they are not usually perfect. But with practice, patience, and perseverance you can cultivate mornings that are more nourishing and peaceful. Mornings that help you get moving through your day instead of making you wish for a do-over. Moving is a great way to give your temple a little love. Now yes, I’m a gym bunny. I’ve been powerlifting since I was 16 years old. But that’s not what I mean. Any movement that you love will do. I had a colleague who literally learned to fly on the trapeze. I still admire her, but as I’m afraid of heights I’m never going to bother to learn lol.

Pick something you want to do.  Not something that’s supposed to be “good” for you.  Hula hoop, walk, swim, belly dance, tao qi, yoga, a 30-day challenge, ribbon dancing, burlesque, pole dancing, old gym stretches, horseback riding, racketball, katas, forms, dance, golf, kayaking, etc etc …it doesn’t matter.  Just pick something that sounds fun and exciting. And you know what? If you hate it in a week, pick something else. Because this is not about exercise.

This is about being happy to move your body. This is about the euphoria you feel after a good body moving session. This is about the act of moving your body, in a way that just makes you happy, a part of your day. Perfect because you took the time to love you before taking on the rest of the world. In this world of movers and shakers get your move on and then go shake up the world. #getpoked


Visualizations, Affirmations, and Manifestations

We truly take for granted the power of human will. On this quest for the perfect mornings you are exercising your will to put a little love in your own tank before moving out into the world. One of my favorite things to do in the morning is focused day dreaming aka visualization, affirmations, and manifestation.

“It is by will alone I set my mind in motion… ” Mentat Litany Dune

You have either heard of all 3 or it’s just some new age hooey to you. Yes technically all 3 are different. Should you chose to delve into quantum physics you will find some of the scientific evidence that supports the power of positive thinking and the effects it has on the human body. We spend too much time worrying about day to day problems and the things we don’t want.  We don’t spend the same amount of time and energy thinking about the things we do want.

Personally I like to imagine, in vivid detail, a goal, desire, or outcome the same way kids imagine Christmas the night before. I “live” in the day dream. I think of the sights, the sounds, the smells, the people I’d meet both good and bad, and how exactly everything I wanted would be just pefect. When I’m done I think about how to get to my dream and what can I do about it today.  Michelangelo famously said: “I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” That’s how it should be with your own life: see your own potential of the angel within, and chisel away at your limitations until this potential is realized.


Perfect Mornings


It can feel hard to carve out 30 minutes of “me” time in the morning. Particularly in the winter, when it can feel like the perfect morning is staying glued to the bed. It reminds me of the old Folgers commercial. “the best part of waking up…” wasn’t just drinking the coffee. It was about the smell. On this journey of perfect mornings, today is about the nose.

Find ways to add wonderful smells to your morning. Maybe it’s a cup of tea or oil diffuser. Body wash or lotion purchased just because of smell not because they are necessities. Candles, potpourri, or just good old flowers. It doesn’t matter what you use so long as it works for you. Take 5 minutes (or however long you like) to breathe deep slow breaths. Really pay attention to fully inhaling and exhaling. Even after you’re done with the exercise, the smell will be there lingering in the background, helping to bolster the day.it_smell_good_img01

The effects of aromatherapy and deep breathing are very centering and calming. This is practice can be done anywhere you can take your smell with you. Small vials can be purchased to carry a small amount of a smelly-good with you. Managing, nourishing, and recharging your energy is the best way to stay ahead of stress and illness.

Meditation, Perfect Mornings

Stone Sitting

How was your morning? I like to do a little breathing meditation in the morning with beautiful stones. I have a thing for stones. I love their vibration, their colors, the way they will hold the heat of sun or fire. I love how stones are always cool to the touch. I love to read about the different vibrations and attributes of different stones.

So what is stone sitting?  I mediate with stones. I love the quiet presence of a good stone. I place a stone or some in my lap, against my chest, the palm of my hand, any body part, or around me like the base of a pyramid. There is no right or wrong way. If you like a stone’s attributes, you can make that a part of your reflections. If the stone is small enough you can put it in your purse or pocket to bring you back to a place of peace throughout the day.

Don’t limit your self to just stones you can hold and carry with you. In the warmer months, I like to find a large outcropping, rock, or boulder to sit on or near. This is especially awesome on a warm day. It quickly can turn into stone napping.

By the way, you can do this with flowers, candles, trees, kittens or anything else that brings you a deep-seated peace. It doesn’t matter.  It only matters that you give your body, mind, and spirit an opportunity to recharge. #getpoked

For more detailed information you can check out


Healthy Home Tips and Tricks

I was recently on a Facebook post where there were inquiries about healthy home products and where to find them. We all know that there 10,000 chemicals out there. Most people want an easy way to avoid them. Unfortunately, “natural” products can come with a hefty price tag and a limited number of suppliers. So here are a few DIY recipes for things I use in my home

Cleaning Vinegar: Easy to find in most places like walmart , target, home depot, and most grocery stores. Continue reading “Healthy Home Tips and Tricks”

Perfect Mornings

Perfect Mornings 

What’s a perfect morning for you?  Do you know? I don’t mean all the things you wish wouldn’t happen. What are the things you wish would happen? For me it’s:

  • Sleeping in
  • Tea
  • Stone meditation
  • Walking meditation
  • Calisthenics
  • Time to cuddle with my family
  • Breakfast
  • Acupuncture

Why is it important? How you start your day greatly impacts your mood and well being. Starting off each day hungry, tired, angry, rushed, and feeling generally out of sorts is no way to live. This leads to feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, burned out, anxious, and will eventually rob you of your health and vitality. Especially if you factor in that most people have draining jobs and home lives.manage-your-energy-min

You can’t have a perfect morning every morning. But you can cultivate good habits that in time turn into ways to recharge your batteries. Trying to leave recharging to just the weekends is folly. If you think about the amount of daily maintenance you require (food, shower, oral hygiene, exercise, personal grooming) pushed to only one day a week… you get the idea.

In 2017, as you think over your resolutions to be a new and better you, I have a challenge. I challenge you to think of new and better ways to be kind to your self and give yourself daily care. Find ways to recharge your batteries daily so that you can accomplish your goals. It doesn’t matter if the morning or self-care is perfect. Only that you try to do something every day. Give yourself the gift of regular bodywork, acupuncture, and perfect mornings instead of fad diets, new pills, or potions. #getpoked.

What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat? Breakfast

Purple yams with coconut cream, eggs with; kale, chives, and fresh dill.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a foodie. I love, love, LOVE to eat good food. I’m also a firm believer in letting your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. People spend a lot of time on random things, but food isn’t on the list anymore. As a single mom, a business owner, and a homeschooling parent time is in short supply around my house: I still cook my son breakfast every single day.

Not a pouch of instant oatmeal either. The problem is Americans think there are some kind of rules for breakfast. Says who? The breakfast police? The only rule is eat some! It doesn’t have to be fruit, or a smoothie, or oatmeal. For every rule you can come up with, I can show you a cultural norm from around the world that disproves it. Continue reading “What Should I Eat? Breakfast”

What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat? Iron Deficiency 


Huang Qi, Da Zao, Shu Di Huang that I add to my chili.

I’m a really big foodie! So I actually enjoy cooking and trying new foods. Sadly, that is not true for everyone. I’m often asked “what should I eat? However, most people want to know how to lose weight or “detox.” No one ever asks me about nutritional therapy or using food as medicine. Since it’s about to get cold, and allllllll my anemic peeps are already feeling the drop in temperatures, this bit of kitchen magic is about eating more iron. Continue reading “What Should I Eat? Iron Deficiency “

What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat? Real Food!

This is kinda the first in a series of blogs I’ve enjoyed writing called “What should I Eat?” I find it disturbing how many people can’t answer that question. In these pages, you will find some of my kitchen magic. So check back periodically to see what’s in the “What should I eat?” files.

Now to answer the question: What should I eat?

Food. Real food. Lots of it. There’s an old saying let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. This is what a typical full market run looks like in my house.  No that’s not all of it.  There is eggs, almond milk, meat, and other odds and ends that are already in the fridge. (I ran out of counter space. 😆) If you look carefully you don’t see a bunch of packages.

What I can fit on the counter after grocery shopping.

If you can’t identify most of the veggies or have no idea how to eat any of it, it might be time to get a helping hand with your diet. A good portion of what goes wrong with the body is due to poor food choices. As it turns out, alot of what goes wrong with the body can be fixed or atleast helped by improving nutrition. In this picture there are; 5 seasoning herbs, 3 types of greens, 2 gourds, 3 grains, 2 root veggies, 1 legume, and 8 different fruit (a few ment to be cooked as starches.) How many things can you identify? Continue reading “What Should I Eat? Real Food!”