Eat Some Food

How are your mornings? I’ve talked a lot about different ways to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. I’ve not yet mentioned that you do actually have to feed your body. I mean real food every morning. I do not mean coffee and toast, bullets, smoothies, sugary bars, and or yogurt.


We live in a bio-mechanical electrical machine and it needs regular fueling. Many people skip out on this very important ritual in the morning. So give yourself the gift of an awesome breakfast. If you don’t know what to make check out one of my earlier entitled blogs, What should I eat? Breakfast. Take the time to put some high octane fuel in the tank as a part of your perfect mornings. #getpoked


Healthy Home Tips and Tricks

I was recently on a Facebook post where there were inquiries about healthy home products and where to find them. We all know that there 10,000 chemicals out there. Most people want an easy way to avoid them. Unfortunately, “natural” products can come with a hefty price tag and a limited number of suppliers. So here are a few DIY recipes for things I use in my home

Cleaning Vinegar: Easy to find in most places like walmart , target, home depot, and most grocery stores. Continue reading “Healthy Home Tips and Tricks”