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Why Choose Mobile Acupuncture?

Why not? Whatever happened to the old-fashioned house call; the concept of a doctor coming to a patient rather than a patient going to a doctor is hardly revolutionary. In 1930, about 40% of doctor/patient interactions were through house calls, but by 1980, the rate was down to 1 percent (according to U.S. News Health article).

I specialize in bringing health care to you where you are most comfortable.

Why is Mobile Acupuncture Important for You?

50612276_799398913725903_9017061272746721280_oConvenience and ease; who doesn’t need that?
Everyone can’t get to a clinic; people are disabled, or in too much agony to leave their house. A 20-60 minute drive to a clinic and back home again, some people are just to busy. Others like relaxing in bed; watching TV while they gently fall into an acupuncture induced nap (if you have never had one then you should schedule ASAP). After your needles are removed you won’t ruin your relaxation by jumping back into traffic instead, you continue to relax in the comfort of your home leaving the hustle and bustle of life behind.